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Basic information [字号:大 中 小]

SSPC operates Convenience Store on Customer-oriented basis in the hope of providing our customers with optimal experiences of Speed, Comfort and Convenience.
To Implement the business strategy for providing optimal experience to customers, we took the opportunity of the service station rebranding to operate Convenience Stores depending on local conditions. From the debut of the Convenience Store at Huangshan SS in Fuzhou in July 2007 to January 2010, SSPC successfully operate 252 Convenience Stores at the rebranded service stations. With Convenience Stores streamed throughout Fujian Province, we are gradually improving the operation of Convenience Stores with modern decoration, convenient facilities and full range of articles in order to provide the customers with pleasant shopping experience .

You will be accompanied by Convenience Store and warm service of our staffs at the service stations of SSPC in, 24-hours, 365 days of the year.

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