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ExxonMobil Senior Executives Visiting SSPC
Date: 2014-12-24 16:57:22  [PRINT]  [CLOSE]




Vice President of ExxonMobil Fuel & Lub Marketing Business Mr. Russ Green, accompanied by Exxon Mobil Asia Pacific Fuel marketing director Mr. Neo Kim Teck,  visited SSPC on Nov.3, 2014. SSPC President Mr. Hao Guoqiang introduced SSPC's business profile, financial performance and risk control through standardization system to Mr. Green and Mr. Neo as well as the current market situations and challenges such as increasing labor cost and the measures taken by SSPC to mitigate the impact. He also expressed his appreciation to EM for the great support extended to SSPC as the JV partner. Mr. Green complimented the outstanding performance of SSPC and efforts of management in cost control such as developing self-serve stations. He also encouraged SSPC management to maintain good QHSE performance.

Mr. Russ Green visited SSPC Changting service station in Fuzhou and three service stations in Xiamen. SSPC Vice President Mr. Dominic Tang and Mr. Ignatius Lee accompanied Mr. Green and Mr. Neo during their visit.



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